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Article 1. Name


Section 1. The name of this club is the Arizona Model Cropdusters. The club is a mutual, non-profit organization, organized for the benefit of its members.


Article 2. Purposes and Function


Section 1. The objective of this club shall be to promote model building and flying of radio control aircraft, and to endorse and support the established policies of the Academy of Model Aeronautics in continued advancement of model aviation.


Article 3. Board of Directors


Section 1. The BOD shall consist of the club officers as defined below in Section 2 and one to three members from the general membership. The function of the board is to conduct club business and disbursement of funds for club activities and business. It shall also initiate substantive matters to be brought before the club membership in accordance with the club constitution and bylaws.


Section 2. The officers of the Arizona Model Cropdusters shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Safety Coordinator(s). All officers and board members shall be members of the Arizona Model Cropdusters as defined in Article 6, Section 4.


Section 3. The BOD shall manage the affairs of the club and shall have the authority to establish and administer its policies. Official decisions may be made by a two-thirds (2/3) mail vote or by a quorum at a BOD meeting. A quorum shall consist of at least 50% of the current board members. Official decisions shall be consistent with the stated purposes and objectives of the AMA as set forth in its Bylaws and where those Bylaws are not specified, vested in the sound discretion of the BOD.


Section 4. The BOD shall not be held personally liable for the debts, liabilities, or any other obligations taken on by the club (Arizona Model Cropdusters).


Article 4. Duties of Officers


Section 1. President

The president shall be the executive officer of the club and shall preside at all meetings and shall be the spokesperson for the club. He or she shall appoint standing and special committee heads, as deemed necessary. He or she will cast the deciding vote in any case where a tie vote is encountered. The president shall also have signature authority for disbursement of club funds.


Section 2. Vice President

The vice president shall assist the president in all matters and shall assume the duties of the president if, for any reason, the president is not able to perform his duties. He or she shall be responsible for the club meeting schedules and other club schedules and events which may be necessary or requested by the club officers or members.


Section 3. Secretary

The secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all regular scheduled and called club meetings and record meeting attendance. He or she shall maintain an up-to-date membership roster including name, mailing addresses, AMA membership numbers, telephone numbers and emergency contact information.


The secretary shall also consolidate all platform statements from members running for office or the BOD. After the Dec club meeting, the secretary will make these platform statements available to the membership by email or other means. The secretary, along with the vice president, shall tally and verify the ballots before presenting them to the club president.


Section 4. Treasurer


The treasurer shall have charge of all club funds. He or she shall collect dues when they are due and is authorized to pay any and all club obligations from these funds. He or she shall keep appropriate records of all club monetary transactions and shall provide a treasurerís report at each scheduled club meeting.


The treasurer of the club is authorized to receive contributions of specially obtained funds from any individual or institution, to be applied to the operational expenses of the club.


If the vice president, for any reason, is unable to perform his or her duties, the treasurer shall assist or take over the duties of the vice president as needed.


Section 5. Safety Coordinator


The safety coordinator will be chairman of the safety committee. The safety coordinator will promote increased safety awareness on the part of all members, improve the public perception of modeling as a safe and desirable sport, and provide a means by which important safety information can be shared between clubs. AMA chartered clubs are required to establish the position of safety coordinator. This person will act as communications liaison between the club and AMA Headquarters to ensure timely distribution of safety related material.The club safety coordinator must have Email access.


Article 5. Board of Director Elections/Vacancies


Section 1. Elections shall be held at the regular club meeting in Jan and winners will be determined by a majority vote of the Open Members present. Open Members wishing to run for a club office or as a board member at large, shall submit a platform statement to the secretary not later than the Dec club meeting stating their qualifications and their goals for the club if they are elected. Election ballots will be tallied and verified by the secretary and vice president and presented to the president, who will announce the results. In the event nobody wishes to run for a particular office, the incumbent will remain in office, if he or she so desires.


Section 2.A vacancy in the board membership shall be filled by a nomination and vote by the club membership. Such elected board member shall serve at will.


Section 3. In the event of a tie vote, the president shall cast the deciding vote.


Article 6. Membership


Section 1. All persons shall be eligible for Open, Junior, or Associate membership in the Arizona Model Cropdusters provided they meet the qualifications prescribed in the following sections.


Section 2. Members sixteen years of age or over are classified as Open Members. Members fifteen years of age of under will be classified as Junior Members.


Section 3. Persons supporting and are active in club activities and live at least 75 miles away are eligible to become Associate Members.


Section 4. Open, Junior and Associate Members must be current paid members and have a current AMA card. All members regardless of title must follow Arizona Model Cropdusters and AMA rules.


Section 5. Associate members are not eligible to be elected as club officers, board members at large, or hold any position pertaining to club leadership.


Section 6. Any RC Pilot (club member, prospective member, trainee (after 60 days), guest, or visitor) wishing to fly must have a current AMA Membership Card/License in their immediate possession. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Article 7. Meetings


Section 1. Regular club business meetings shall be held the last Saturday of each month. Special meetings of the club shall be called at any time by the President or the BOD. The call must be issued at least three days in advance of the meeting date set, and shall name the time and place of the meeting.


Article 8. Regular Club Business


Section 1. All regular club business meetings and affairs shall be directed by the BOD and conducted under Roberts Rules of Order.


Section 2. The regular club business meeting agenda will be as follows.


1.      The President shall bring the meeting to order.

2.      Read and make corrections (if any) in the minutes of the last meeting.

3.      The Vice President reports.

4.      The Treasurer reports.

5.      The Safety Officer reports.

6.      Discuss old business.

7.      Discuss new business. (New members, etc.)

8.      Adjourn meeting.


Article 9. Dues and Membership Fees


Section 1. The annual dues of the club shall be determined by the club officers and voted on by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the club members present at the January club meeting.


The dues will be established for the following three categories:


         Open Individual Membership

         Junior Membership

         Associate Membership


Section 2. Current members and applying new-members must show proof of AMA membership upon acceptance for membership by the club for the calendar year.


Section 3. No special assessment shall be levied upon the club membership at any time, except by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members at a regular meeting.


Section 4. All dues/initiation fee(s) are non-refundable, except under extraordinary circumstances as determined by the board of directors.


Article 10. Committees


Section 1. The responsible directorships for the standing committees (Safety, Field Maintenance, Contests, events, etc) shall be appointed by the board of directors. Appointee to serve at will or until no longer needed as determined by the BOD.


Section 2. The committee head shall select from the membership, volunteers as required to assist with the execution of that committee.


Article 11. Resignations, Termination, Disciplinary Action, Expulsion and Reinstatement of Membership


Section 1. Any member in good standing may resign his/her membership by giving written notice to the club. Such member is eligible for membership reinstatement through the regular membership application process.


Section 2. If any member ceases to have the qualification necessary for membership in the AMA, his/her membership in the club shall thereby terminate, subject to reinstatement upon restoration of eligibility.


Section 3. Article 12 provides for enforcement of safety rules related to flying activities. Any other unacceptable behavior by an individual member or members, as defined by the board of directors, becomes the responsibility of the board of directors (as stated in Article 3, Section 1). Any individual may be expelled from membership from the club by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the board of directors (or the club members if the board of directors so directs) if, in the board of directors determination, such individual willfully commits any act or omission that is a violation of any of these bylaws, or the rules of the AMA or which is detrimental to the club, the AMA, or to model aviation.


Section 4. Any member who is expelled from membership may only be reinstated to the membership by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the BOD (or the club members if the BOD so directs).


Section 5. BOD shall have the discretionary authority to provide for and to impose disciplinary action for such acts or omissions, which do not justify expulsion from membership.


Article 13. Grievance Procedure (Flight and Ground safety Rules)


Section 1. The grievance procedure provides a mechanism to enforce safety rules by providing a progressive disciplinary system when needed. Although most complaints can be resolved informally, if a complaint is serious or cannot be resolved informally, the matter should be referred to the Safety Committee for its consideration by means of a Grievance Form to be filled out and turned into the Safety Officer. At least one witness is required to sign the Grievance Form.


Section 2. The Safety Committee shall use its judgment in carrying out action on the following:


1.      A grievance form (issued by club vice president) will be filled out and turned into the safety committee chairman. At least one witness is required to sign the form.


2.      First Violation


a.       Viewpoints of both complainants and accused will be considered.

b.      Complainants name will be disclosed.

c.       The safety committee will give a verbal reprimand to the accused, and this will be recorded in the committee files.


3.      Second Violation


a.       Complainants name will be disclosed.

b.      The accused has the right to a written rebuttal, to be reviewed by the board of directors.

c.       If the board of directors so decides, the flying privileges of the accused may be suspended for thirty (30) days. Written notice of this shall be issued to the complainant.


4.      Third Violation


a.       The BOD will notify the accused in writing that they canít fly at the club field for at least one-year. (Longer if deemed necessary by the board of directors).

b.      A member may be expelled from the club only upon a quorum of at least 50% of the current board members vote of the BOD present at the meeting. At least three board members have to be present at said meeting.

c.       The expelled member may reapply for membership after the expiration of the expulsion time period.


5.      The three actions will not be enforced unless they are accumulated within a one year period of time.


6.      Any member receiving a grievance, who directs any retaliation action against the person(s) filing said grievance, will be subject to immediate removal from the club. This is to include threats, intimidation, physical harm, intentional equipment damage, or any other action deemed to be retaliatory by the board of directors.


Article 14. Amendments


Section 1. Amendments may be made to the Constitution and these Bylaws at any general meeting of the club membership, provided the members shall have been notified in writing or by email at least five (5) days in advance that the amendments are to be considered. Copies of the propose amendments shall be provided to all members as part of the notification. Amendments shall be approved by no less than a two third (2/3) majority vote of the members presents, at the regular monthly meeting.


Article 15. Dissolution


Section 1. If at any time the Arizona Model Crop Dusters should cease to exist and operate as a club and be dissolved, the money and assets that are left, that the owner of the property didnít donate, shall be dispersed equally between all active open and junior members only.

Revised April 2014